I can't see my website / log into eMail
Paul Barrs
Sep-10th, 2019 11:26

If for some reason you can't see your website and can't log into your email it's most likely one of two things... (1) there's a problem at our end, and we're on to it, or (2) there's a problem at your end which needs to be fixed.

Try this first: If you're unable to view your website, go to http://www.kproxy.com and try to access it through there.

Can you see it now? That means there's a problem on your end, and the problem is somehow your IP address has been 'blocked' from accessing the server!

This usually happens with newer accounts where a password has been entered incorrectly somewhere and the 'security system' has blocked you, thinking you may pose a threat.

Don't worry, it's an easy fix!

Go to https://whatismyipaddress.com/ and get your IPv4 IP address - and submit it here via the support desk. We can 'unblock you' fairly quickly and you'll get an email notification from the support desk once done.

If you're still setting up your emails on your PC. Laptop or mobile device, you can SMS text your IP address to Paul and he will do it manually for you.


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